LIBA 's fashion accessories are designed and made in Luxembourg and Italy by Liba. Every piece is carefully and lovingly hand made.

Only the best materials are used for these collections: Swarovski®Elements, finest leather, with buttons and buckles manufactured especially for LIBA by traditional craftsmen.

For further information about distribution, orders or for any other product inquiry, please feel free to contact us by mail: contact@liba.lu


Meet LIBA, a woman with many passions: fashion, fashion, fashion and her little pug Lulu.

Ever since she was young Brigitte Libar, who signs under her artistic name " Liba", loved to create her own outfits and accessories by modifying and applying her own style to pieces she found in shops.

Strangers would stop her in the street to ask where she got these outfits, and so in 2008 she started her own label, with no idea where it would take her.

Liba's first collections - caps, bracelets, collars - were made out of silk with Swarovski elements.

Soon production outgrew her own workshop and she went to look for partners, finding small artisans in Italy and Germany, who still produced with a care and quality only found in absolute top brands.

Mass production was never an option: Liba insists on strict quality control and she personally oversees all the production steps until the products meet her high standards.

"I do wear all my prototypes before they go into production, so I am sure that they wear well, meet the highest quality standards and will please my customers for a long long time!"

For Liba fashion means not only creating beautiful things; it is a statement of and an ode to the beauty everyone possesses.

Discover the world of Liba! Embellish your life with a handmade glam-piece out of Liba's collections.

There is much more to come in the future, for there is no limit to passion nor to fashion!